Words of wisdom for corporate photography enthusiasts

The chance of making a living by visiting various corporate events and clicking away seems like the ideal job for most photography enthusiasts. I have compiled a short list of things that every photographer dabbling in corporate photography must know.

It is important for a photographer to have his set of photography gear. It helps me a lot when I get a new contract, if I have my kit of photo gear ready. I have a special place for my 24 to 70mm f/ 2.8G and 70 to 200mm f/ 2.8G that are ranging from wide- far as they cover several jobs comprehensively.

Setting up your gear at the event won’t take very long if you have the process optimized. Practicing beforehand at home is useful, and will help you come across as a professional who knows what he/she is doing.

When you attempt to take a photo at a corporate retreat or even a company dinner with your digital SLR, you usually set the camera on "P" (Program mode). The reason people do this is to compensate for shaking hands or any movement that may occur; whereas, a customized mode would be more beneficial.

On the scene of the corporate event, you must make sure to vary your photographs. It is prudent to remember to be light on your feet and turn your camera quite often; this tends to add a few vertical views and many angled shots to your collection.

Not every photo job is all important to you but you must remember that is a very special occasion for your clients; this would form a major part of the journey you undertake to find your own niche in the world of corporate photography!